Princess Fatale Crawl in!
So... you disgusting worm have landed on my website and think of how you could ever get some attention from this young goddess? Maybe with money? Maybe by bowing and scraping?
You have surely put your hand on your saddest piece already, you looser!
But your miserable existence is no worth to me - but your money!
Such a slimy piggy bank as you could be exactly the right way to finance my studies.
But what are you actually looking for here, you vomitous cockroach? Were you thinking you could abuse a young school-girl?
You are no more than nothing, which is not even worth to vomit on!
Have you at least a credit card, you dumb money pig? If yes, then use it at last! From now on your money will be my own!
You loose your car and get a sight from me.
You loose your house and get my disdainful smile.
You loose your job and get my old socks.
You loose everything and get maybe my attention. Maybe?
But do not scorn my precious time with your hilarious problems, for I do not give a damn about them!
Only your money and your property have a meaning to me!!! I want everything you possess!
Just do not bother your Teen-Mistress with all the rest - this is my last warning.
You adore my beauty, my youth and my disdainful smile.
But you deserve none of them, you are a mere zero!
You do not even deserve to pose your lips on my heels. Would you even try it, my heels would turn into knifes and mince your mouth into mash!
Even an idiot as you would slowly recognize what a fatal risk would mean to you such a little sadistic teen-witch named Princess-Fatale!