Princess Fatale OK, listen!
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I am a young Russian girl and still attend school together with my older sister. My parents recently moved with us into an old villa near Prague. Some time before I met in St. Petersburg a Russian girl photographer, who in her turn introduced me to a German photographer.
The two photographers introduced me one year ago to a completely different, bizarre world. I got aware of the effect I had on men, who though I was still a teenie kept admiring and worshipping me and called me Lolita. As a child I paid much respect to adults, but then I had to recognize that many of them behave like animals. They came to me with immoral intentions, although they were married and parents theirselves. They kissed my shoes or tried to gain me with their cunning plans. Even a teacher asked me to insult him and spit on him.
Now I have made up my mind:
From now on I will be Princess-Fatale and I will get ruin on everyone who deserves it!
The looser I mean can
:::crawl into here:::
To all normally brained people, I wish you much pleasure looking at my pictures.
Some time I feel like a Diva, some time like a little bloody witch. I love to wear my buffalos or my riding boots.
Latexcatsuits and other latex gear have been charming me for a long time. My two photographers catch exactly how I am and feel in it and express it through the pictures.
As far as school and ballet classes allow, I spend all my spare time and fantasy on these hot pictures!
I am no longer a miss nobody - I am a goddess, a wonderful goddess.
I am now Princess-Fatale!